Gleb Tsipursky, Find Your Purpose Using Science (2015)

Ryan Mulholand
I first read Find Your Purpose Using Science at a time when I needed to re-evaluate what I consider most important in my life. I had attended the workshop of the same name and structure, and left with the tools of how to better plan and execute for my future profession. While I was figuring out my professional development, my personal affairs also needed to be put into order.

I had most of the personal social relationships that I wanted, but I lacked some of the tools necessary to finding and creating more meaningful social relationships. I expressed to a friend, my thoughts on how I lacked a way in which I felt I could help others in a positive way. My friend then sent me a draft copy of Find Your Purpose Using Science and told me that there were materials in there that had not been presented at the first workshop.

Within the pages of the word document I received, I found a balance of activities that called for active thinking and reflection. After taking the initial “Meaning and Purpose Questionnaire,” I read about the purpose of the book, which is to provide people with the tools they needed to live a more fulfilling and complete life.

The main take away from the book is that the answer to finding meaning and purpose within life, is entirely dependent upon the individual reader. The majority of the book’s content focuses on exercises to help you establish the initial ideas of what hold the greatest amount of meaning and purpose. From there, a series of reflection exercises are in place to help you reflect on why you chose the answers that you did, which comes to the second point of the book. Finding Meaning and Purpose was written for both the short and long term. The initial exercises establish what you hold dear and why, and then the reflection exercises are to be revisited on a consistent basis to bring you closer you the life you want to live. The total sum of initial work is no more than two hours, but what is that compared to the time that will be spent living life as you see fit? It is in this investment of time, both initially and continually, that you will come closer and closer to your objective. The reason for the need to revisit your plans and goals is because your answers may change.

In short, life happens, and with it comes new experiences. If you do take the time to evaluate your purpose and meaning in life, then, with time, you will achieve the goals you set forth. Don’t be surprised if your answers do change, because they very well may. And that is ok! That is why you revisit these plans!

Ryan P.Mulholand, mulholand.10@buckeyemail.osu.edu
Student, The Ohio State University, Class of 2012

John Johnson
I was able to gain a new perspective on my own life and priorities. Its research-based strategies for evaluating one’s purpose and meaning have helped me develop a clearer vision for my future. I am currently pursuing a new set of goals—both personally and professionally—that align with my values. In short, I have clearer understanding of who I am and of my place in the community.

John Johnson, johnjrus@gmail.com