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The People Behind Intentional Insights

Our Board of Directors and Advisory Board guide the strategy and operations of Intentional Insights with logic, research, and data-driven decisions.

Board of Directors

Photo of Gleb Tsipursky

Gleb Tsipursky, PhD

Co-Founder, President

Gleb is currently an Assistant Professor at The Ohio State University and is a member of the Decision Sciences Collaborative there. He published dozens of peer-reviewed essays in academic venues in the US, UK, France, Germany, Russia, and elsewhere, as well as numerous popular articles, and serves on a number of boards, for instance as the Science Advisor on the Planet Purpose Advisory Board.


Agnes Vishnevkin, MBA

Co-Founder, Vice President

Agnes and her husband, Gleb Tsipursky, decided to create that resource and launched Intentional Insights in 2014. Agnes holds an MBA in Nonprofit Management from Brandeis University and has more than 10 years of experience in the nonprofit sector, including operations, fundraising, grantmaking, strategic planning, and social enterprise. Agnes served as Vice President of the Humanist Community of Central Ohio from 2013 to 2014.

Bentley Davis

Bentley Davis

Board Member

Bentley has been working on finding ways to help people agree since 2011. He has 20 years experience in software development and 15 years in Management both in large corporations and in small startups.

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Steve Monge


Steve maintains financial records as the organization’s Treasurer and Ex Officio member of the Board of Directors (a position he has held since October 2016). He is happy to contribute to rational thinking, especially in the political arena. Steve is a member of the Humanist Community of Central Ohio (HCCO). He has degrees in accounting and statistics and works in the insurance industry, where failing to think rationally can have serious financial consequences.

Advisory Board

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Bob Bhaerman

Bob Bhaerman has a Doctor of Education degree in Teacher Education from Rutgers University. He is a former elementary school teacher and college instructor in curriculum development and the philosophical foundations of education. He taught at Hunter College (now Lehman College), the University of Delaware, and the State University College at Oneonta, New York.

Bob is now an AHA educational consultant and director of the American Humanist Association’s Kochhar Humanist Education Center. He’s developed 36 curriculum resources and lesson plans for the Ethical Society Without Walls (ESWoW) of the American Ethical Union.

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August E. Brunsman IV

August Brunsman is former Executive Director of the Secular Student Alliance. He also worked as a programmer for the Institute for Humanist Studies. In 1997 he co-founded Students for Freethought at the Ohio State University where he graduated in psychology and minoring in mathematics and cognitive science.

He served as the Secretary of the Board of the Humanist Community of Central Ohio and as the Secretary of the Board of the Secular Coalition for America. He is a member of the Humanist Society and humanist celebrant performs nontheistic ceremonies and services.

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Lynne V. Gauthier

Lynne V. Gauthier, PhD, is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Ohio State University and director of the Neurorecovery and Brain Imaging Laboratory. She has served as a peer reviewer for the American Heart Association, Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute, and UK Multiple Sclerosis Society.

Her research focuses on increasing access to treatments for motor disability for underserved populations through the use of technology. Her lab also studies how different motor treatments change the brain. Dr. Gauthier is also a practicing clinical psychologist specializing in rehabilitation.

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Joe Guada

Joe Guada, a professor of Social Work at Ohio State University, practiced as a social worker for approximately 16 years in a variety of mental health settings. He decided to enter academia, where his research interests include families with a loved one with schizophrenia and integrating mental health care in primary care settings for underserved populations.

He is currently starting a research project on health outcomes associated with a sense of meaning and purpose in life. His research has appeared in several journals that focus on mental health care in community settings, and he has presented his findings at both national and international conferences.

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Susan McLean

Susan McLean is a grant writer and prospect researcher in Northern California. Her interests include nonfiction writing, biological sciences, geology, hiking, and humor. Her master’s degree in mass communication makes imperious people respect her expertise, while her bachelor’s degree in art frightens no one.

Lorenzo T. Neal

Lorenzo T. Neal is the senior pastor of the New Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Jackson, MS. In ministry for over 25 years, he is an author and host of Zera Today with Pastor Lorenzo Neal radio show. He is a member of a number of fraternal, political, and social organizations. Visit his website at www.lorenzotneal.com


Michael Tyler

Michael Tyler is an experienced executive, adviser, and board member. He has over 35 years of experience in transactional and technology business, including network industries and financial services in North America, Asia, Europe, and Africa.

He helped lead major infrastructure projects, including worldwide HBO television distribution by satellite and the Southern Cross undersea cable network, and secure over $12 billion of structured finance for a variety of cellular, electric power, and transportation projects.

Michael has volunteered his time to international relations, housing for vulnerable individuals, and progressive politics.