Our Approach

Our Mission

We empower people to refine and reach their goals by providing research-based content to help improve thinking, feeling, and behavior patterns.

Our Vision

We envision a world where individuals, organizations, and governments intentionally use research-based strategies to optimize their ability to evaluate reality clearly and make effective decisions, empowering all of us to live more happy, meaningful, altruistic, and flourishing lives.

What We Do

We create engaging content that helps people learn and practice rational thinking and effective giving. We also provide content and marketing support for other organizations that aim to build an altruistic and flourishing world. Want to know when we have something new? Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Delicious, Slideshare, and Pinterest. You can also subscribe to our RSS feed and newsletter.

  • Blog: Browse all of our posts here. We usually post two or three blogs per month.
  • Videos: Check out our YouTube channel.
  • Online Classes: Take our free online course that presents research-based strategies for discovering your sense of life meaning and purpose.
  • Books: Read the free version of our book, Find Your Purpose Using Science.
  • Apps: Evaluate and quantify your sense of meaning and purpose using our free app.
  • Workshops: We offer in-person workshops in Ohio, and also by Skype. If you're interested, contact us.
  • Merchandise: We provide merchandise to encourage intentional thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.
  • Marketing support: We provide marketing support to organizations that help build an altruistic and flourishing world, especially through promoting effective giving.

Since our launch in late 2014, we’ve covered topics including finding purpose and meaning, refining and reaching goals, improving mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing, effective giving, evaluating reality clearly, effective decision making, and communicating effectively. Check out our blog posts on agency, emotions and rational thinking, finding life meaning and purpose, effective giving, mental health, communication and relationships, probabilistic thinking, and reaching your goals. Take a look at our short videos on 3 steps to living intentionally and how to journal your way to meaning and purpose. See our videotaped workshops on evaluating reality clearly, finding meaning and purpose, reaching your goals, and helping your clients succeed.

Our team is currently working on developing new content in these and other areas, such as optimizing personal organization and time management, and enhancing leadership and organizational development. Please let us know what kind of content is most interesting and useful for you!

P.S. We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and your generous support makes it possible for us to create our content. If you benefit from our content, or think others might benefit, please consider volunteering or/and making a tax-deductible contribution to Intentional Insights today. Thank you for being awesome!

Effective Giving

We focus particular attention on promoting a science and reason-based approach to doing the most good that we can through effective giving of our time, skills, and money to charitable causes, as described here. We do so through directly promoting effective giving ideas in our articles, videos, and other content, and providing marketing support for organizations that engage in the field of effective giving. Get in touch with us for marketing support or to find out more about effective giving!

Our Impact

Theory of Change

Our Theory of Change describes our goals, our assumptions about the world, what steps we take to accomplish our goals, and how we evaluate our impact. The Executive Summary of our Theory of Change is below, and there is also a link to the draft version of our full ToC.
1) The goal of Intentional Insights is to create a world where all rely on research-based strategies to make wise decisions and lead to mutual flourishing.
2) To achieve this goal, we believe that people need to be motivated to learn and have broadly accessible information about such research-based strategies, and also integrate these strategies into their daily lives through regular practice.
3) We assume that:
- Some natural and intuitive human thinking, feeling, and behavior patterns are flawed in ways that undermine wise decisions.
- Problematic decision making undermines mutual flourishing in a number of life areas.
- These flawed thinking, feeling, and behavior patterns can be improved through effective interventions.
- We can motivate and teach people to improve their thinking, feeling, and behavior patterns by presenting our content in ways that combine education and entertainment.
4) Our intervention is helping people improve their patterns of thinking, feeling, and behavior to enable them to make wise decisions and bring about mutual flourishing.
5) Our outputs, what we do, come in the form of online content such as blog entries, videos, etc., on our channels and in external publications, as well as collaborations with other organizations.
6) Our metrics of impact are in the form of anecdotal evidence, feedback forms from workshops, and studies we run on our content.
Here is the draft version of our Theory of Change


Video feedback from participants in our workshops

Written feedback from participants in our workshops

- "I really enjoyed the workshop. It helped me to see some of the problems I may be employing in my thinking about life and other people... Something I gained from this workshop are tools to help me be a less stressed-out person."

- "I have gained a new perspective after attending the workshop. In order to be more analytical, I have to take into account that attention bias is everywhere. I can now further analyze and make conclusions based on evidence. With relation to the fundamental attribution error, it can give me a chance to keep a more open mind. Which will help me to relate to others more, and have a different view of the ‘map’ in my head.”

- “From this workshop, I have gained the knowledge of how to better assess the conflicts in a situation and how to resolve the issues… The benefits of this workshop for those who participate can include: greater self-awareness, greater strategic planning, and greater satisfaction with life.”

Testimonials about our guest workshops in various organizations from organizational leaders

- Written testimonial from the leader of the Humanists of Houston-Clear Lake chapter, Jeff Boxell, about our virtual workshop: "The Humanists of Houston (HOH) hosted a Freethinker Forum on Nov 6th, 2015, where the topic was finding purpose and meaning in a secular life using science and featured a discussion/workshop led via a Skype session by Gleb Tsipursky, PhD. A group of 25 humanists from the Bay Area Unitarian Univeralist Church or surrounding area completed the one hour workshop and accompanying worksheets and engaged in lively discussion. The overall feedback from the group was very positive. The workshop provided a framework for both individual reflection and group interaction on the topic of finding meaning in life. The pragmatic tools and strategies Gleb puts forth proved an effective guide for a group that prides itself on being rationale thinkers. One takeaway from the course, and the reason our humanist group exists, is to find your tribe and engage with them in meaningful discussion and volunteer events that improve the world. As the lead of this particular American Humanist Association chapter, I highly recommend this workshop. While ideally having Gleb available in person to lead the course would be the best approach, our use of Skype worked very effectively. Gleb was very polite, eager to assist and smartly responded to all questions put forth by the group. A big thank you Gleb for your assistance with this forum."

- Video testimonial from the leader of the Unitarian Universalist Humanist group in Columbus, Oh, David Jon Krohn, about our in-person workshop:


Endorsements from experts about our book, Find Your Purpose Using Science, written by Dr. Gleb Tsipursky, the Co-Founder and President of Intentional Insights, are available at this link.

Our Finances

We list our past finances on our Guidestar profile. Our current financial needs are about $3500/month, and are described in our 2015 Annual Report. To help out, please donate now!