Intentional Insights create content to help improve rational thinking

Mission and Values

We empower people to refine and reach their goals by providing research-based content to help improve thinking, feeling, and behavior patterns.

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We envision a world where individuals, organizations, and governments intentionally use research-based strategies to optimize their ability to evaluate reality clearly and make effective decisions, empowering all of us to live more happy, meaningful, altruistic, and flourishing lives.

How We Complete Our Goals

We create engaging content that helps people learn and practice rational thinking and effective giving.

Your money

Giving Effectively

We focus particular attention on promoting a science and reason-based approach to doing the most good that we can through effective giving of our time, skills, and money to charitable causes, as described here.

We do so through directly promoting effective giving ideas in our articles, videos, and other content, and providing marketing support for organizations that engage in the field of effective giving.

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Engaging Content

We use modern engagement practices to ensure a wide audience can connect with our goals. This usually includes:

  • Blogs: We usually post two or three blogs per month.
  • Videos: Check out our YouTube channel.
  • Apps: Evaluate and quantify your sense of meaning and purpose using our free app.
  • Merchandise: We provide merchandise to encourage intentional thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

Assisting Others

We help others who promote similar ideas by giving our support in the following ways:

  • Books: Read the free version of our book, Find Your Purpose Using Science.
  • Online Classes: Free online course that presents research-based strategies for discovering your sense of life meaning and purpose.
  • Workshops: In-person workshops in Ohio, and also by Skype.
  • Marketing: We provide marketing support to organizations, especially through promoting effective giving.

What Our Future Goals Are

 We will continue to aim at building an altruistic and flourishing world through engaging with others online and off.

Since our launch in late 2014, we’ve covered topics including finding purpose and meaning, refining and reaching goals, improving mental, emotional, and physical well-being, effective giving, evaluating reality clearly, effective decision making, and communicating effectively.

Our team is currently working on developing new content in these and other areas, such as optimizing personal organization and time management, and enhancing leadership and organizational development. Please let us know what content is most interesting and useful for you.