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Financial Needs for 2016

Annual operating costs$42,050
Content development$10,500
Social media management$8,500
Website management$7,500
Administrative and legal costs$4,000

Top Financial Priorities for 2016

$42,050 Annual operating costs
$26,000 New website, donor database, and financial software
Our website, generously provided and maintained by volunteers, lacks the features to allow our audience to engage with our content in the most impactful ways. We plan to develop a new website with a full compliment of tools to enable maximum audience engagement and the cultivation of a virtual community dedicated to learning and practicing research-based self-improvement. This website will be integrated with a donor database and financial software, allowing us to streamline daily operations and channel maximum resources toward developing content and engaging with our audience.
$81,000 Full-time staff position (salary and benefits)
At this time the work of Intentional Insights is carried out by a team of volunteers and paid contractors. This arrangement is not sustainable and poses a threat to the success of the organization. Having a full-time staff person will ensure that Intentional Insights will not only survive, but thrive, and make a lasting positive impact on the world.