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Leadership Development

Jill Kuhlman

Interview with Jill Kuhlman, Chief Administrative Officer at FST Logistics (Video & Podcast)

An interview with Jill Kuhlman, Chief Administrative Officer at FST Logistics, an employee-owned and operated third-party logistics company that serves food and grocery brands.

Remote Training and Virtual Mentoring for Hybrid and Remote Teams

Companies, leaders, and senior staff should adopt best practices so they can provide excellent mentorship to remote work employees hired during the pandemic and integrate them successfully into the team.

Omicron Arrival Reveals Leaders Unprepared for the Future of Work

The lack of action against the threat of an Omicron surge points towards a lack of vision in leadership. Leaders must fight against cognitive biases and adopt best practices to avoid disasters in the future of work.
Remote Team Management

Hybrid and Remote Team Management Through Revising Performance Evaluations

Leaders need to reevaluate their old methods of conducting performance reviews. Remote team management calls for the adoption of innovative best practices to be able to gain maximum productivity from remote and hybrid working employees.

Upskilling Remote and Hybrid Employees

Leaders must recognize that the future of work is now hybrid and even fully remote. To gain a competitive advantage in the future of work, leaders need to upskill employees in best practices for hybrid and remote collaboration and communication.
Chet Czaplicka

Interview with Chet Czaplicka, CEO of Comprehensive Care Services (Video & Podcast)

An interview with Chet Czaplicka, Founder and CEO of Comprehensive Care Services, which provides perfusion and autotransfusion services across the United States.
Chris Haimbach

Interview with Chris Haimbach, US Head of Sales for Bayer Consumer Health (Video &...

An interview with Chris Haimbach, the US Head of Sales, Commercial Strategy and Operations for the Consumer Health division at Bayer.
Effective Virtual Collaboration

Effective Virtual Collaboration for Hybrid and Remote Teams (Video & Podcast)

It’s important to adapt your organization's culture for virtual collaboration in order to thrive after the pandemic. That's the key take-away message of this episode of the Wise Decision Maker Show, which describes best practices for effective virtual collaboration for hybrid and remote teams.
Innovation Advantage

Serendipitous Innovation Advantage for Hybrid and Remote Teams

Clearly, work will never go back to a pre-pandemic normal. Leaders who don’t seize an innovative advantage risk lagging behind. Methodologies like Virtual Serendipitous Idea Generation grant a much-needed competitive advantage.
Virtual Collaboration

Effective Virtual Collaboration for a Thriving Culture in Hybrid and Remote Teams

Any organization can benefit from hybrid teams and cultural re-onboarding for virtual collaboration. Many old practices are no longer effective, requiring new ways to address the needs of employers and employees during and after the pandemic.