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Using the Metaverse for Managing Remote & Hybrid Teams: Interview with Erin McDannald, CEO...

In this episode of the Wise Decision Maker Show, Dr. Gleb Tsipursky speaks to Erin McDannald, CEO at Lighting Environments, about using the metaverse for managing remote and hybrid teams.
Hybrid Work Model

The Financial Advantages Of A Hybrid Work Model: A Hybrid Work Expert’s Perspective

Hybrid work models combine remote and on-site work, which allows companies to take advantage of increased productivity and reduced costs while maintaining the benefits of face-to-face interaction.

FTX Fiasco Caused by SBF’s Double-or-Nothing Philosophy

For investors, the collapse of FTX is a reminder to be wary of founders like SBF with an excessive risk appetite. For entrepreneurs, it is a lesson to implement oversight and risk management plans to avoid the fate of SBF and FTX.
Workforce Diversity

JPMorgan CEO Got Remote Workforce Diversity Exactly Wrong

Jamie Dimon is wrong: remote work helps workforce diversity, while a forced return to office hurts it. Adopting best practices for workforce diversity in remote work will help firms exceed diversity targets and financial performance, as it helped Meta.
Remote Work

Will a Recession Increase Remote Work?

If there is a recession, having most employees working remotely will benefit the bottom line at many companies. Leaders who don't grasp this reality will fade into irrelevance as economic conditions worsen
Constructive Feedback

Effective Strategies to Gain Constructive Feedback

Gathering active and passive feedback plays a vital role in improving stakeholder membership engagement. Learning to love constructive feedback ensures leaders can fulfill stakeholder expectations appropriately.
Hybrid Work

Google’s Myth of Losing Social Capital in Hybrid Work

Companies can effectively retain social capital in the hybrid and remote work environment by applying hybrid work best practices such as the virtual watercooler and virtual coworking

How to Future-Proof Your Leadership

Future-proofing allows organizations to plan countermeasures and allocate resources for possible problems ahead of time, helping leaders avoid cognitive biases.
Upskilling Remote

Upskilling Remote and Hybrid Employees (Video & Podcast)

The future of work is now hybrid or even fully remote. Leaders who want to gain a competitive advantage in the future of work need to upskill employees in best practices for hybrid and remote collaboration and communication. That's the key take-away message of this episode of the Wise Decision Maker Show, which discusses upskilling remote and hybrid employees.
Work Culture

Effective Strategies for a Hybrid and Remote Work Culture

Hybrid and remote work can lead to serious tensions around differences in time spent in the office. To address this, leaders must create a work culture of “Excellence From Anywhere” that focuses on deliverables rather than where you work.