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Burnout Recovery

Burnout Recovery in the Hybrid and Remote Future of Work

The abrupt transition to remote work in the pandemic has caused employee burnout. Leaders must set clear work boundaries and expectations, and adopt best practices for hybrid and remote work, to facilitate burnout recovery and protection. 
Remote Work Culture

Effective Strategies for a Hybrid and Remote Work Culture (Video & Podcast)

A common challenge for building a strong hybrid and remote work culture are tensions around differences in time spent in the office. To address this, leaders must create a work culture of “Excellence From Anywhere” that focuses on deliverables rather than where you work. That's the key take-away message of this episode of the Wise Decision Maker Show, which describes the most effective strategies for a hybrid and remote work culture.
What Do Employees Want

What Do Employees Want When They Return to the Office?

Our assumptions about what others want are often incorrect due to the cognitive bias called the false consensus effect. Extensive research shows that most employees place a premium on telework and work-life quality after the pandemic.
Paying Attention

Are You Paying Attention to What Matters in This Pandemic?

Defend your company from disastrous leadership decisions by paying attention to what’s important during this pandemic.
Thrive During This Pandemic

How Can You Thrive During This Pandemic?

The journey to self-actualization is also your path to thriving in this pandemic. Evaluate your life through the lens of exploration, love, and purpose and ensure that you satisfy these needs.