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Navigating Legal Risks

The Rising Legal Risks of Rigid RTO Policies

Embrace flexibility in return-to-office policies to mitigate legal risks, foster inclusivity, and build a resilient, engaged workforce.
Return to Office is Failing

The Real Reason Why the Return to Office is Failing?

The Return to Office is failing due to inadequate communication, lack of technology adoption, and ignoring employee preferences.
The Mental Health Crisis Caused by the Return to Office

The Mental Health Crisis Caused by the Return to Office

The return to office has led to a mental health crisis, with declining mental health levels, increased workload, and a lack of support programs.
corporate dining

If You Feed Them, Will They Return to the Office?

Corporate dining has evolved into a strategic tool for boosting morale, promoting social interactions, and supporting the return to the office in the era of hybrid work.
Overcome employee resistance to returning to the office

How to Overcome Employee Resistance to Returning to the Office

Organizations must address employees' concerns and improve the in-office experience through better communication, technology, office design, and inclusivity.
Earning the Commute in the Return to Office

Earning the Commute in the Return to Office

The future of work involves employees choosing when and where to work, prioritizing collaboration and connection, and embracing sustainable growth
stalled return to the office

The Stalled Return to the Office: A Tale of New York

Adaptation to hybrid work and prioritizing employee wellness are crucial in the post-pandemic workplace.
employee buy-in for flexible return to office

Winning Employee Buy-In for a Flexible Return to Office

Employers must prioritize inclusive decision-making, adaptability, and strengthening employment relationships to win employee buy-in for flexible work arrangements.
Return to Office

Elon Musk’s Forced Return to Office Policy Will Harm Tesla

Musk’s authoritarian stance on hybrid and remote work undermines Tesla’s future as employees want autonomy and flexibility. Companies embracing new work models will succeed, while traditionalists will be left floundering
Return to Office

Delta Variant Reveals Folly of Normalcy in Return to Office

Employers must recognize the challenges from initial experience on the COVID outbreak. This will prevent entrapment with mental blindspots, as Delta and other variants emerge, turning their back on their employees.