Personal and Societal Goals

Author’s photo with an earring, which he got intentionally to project an image to others so as to achieve his social goals


The science of goal achievement, rationality, and Effective Altruism are all discussed in this interview. The participants are James Miller, the host of the Future Strategist podcast and a professor at Smith College, and Gleb Tsipursky, the President of Intentional Insights and a professor at Ohio State.


The first part of the interview discusses rationality, the practice of improving your thinking to figure out the truth, make wise decisions, and achieve your goals. Next, the interview shifts to the science of goal achievement. Tsipursky shares about the research on personal goal achievement and then discusses with Miller the practical applications of the science to our lives. They talk about a number of specific hacks one can use to improve one’s everyday activities. The last section of the interview delves into achieving one’s goals for society as a whole, and creating the kind of world in which one wants to live. That section focuses on Effective Altruism, the social movement dedicated to doing the most good that one can with one’s resources.


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