Author’s photo depicting a state of anxiety


In this video, I describe how I used Intentional Insights-informed strategies, namely orienting toward what world I want to live in, to decide to come out publicly about my mental illness.


My goal is to publicize my mental illness as broadly as possible, so that people can see that one can be a highly-functioning member of society while still battling with mental illness daily. I am comfortable sharing that I take psychiatric drugs daily, and see a therapist weekly. While suffering regularly from bouts of debilitating anxiety and fatigue, I still make it through life successfully.


I have even written in newspapers and on the Intentional Insights blog about my experience. My hope is that talking about myself will be one small step to fighting the stigma against mental illness. I also hope that it helps empower people to take steps to manage their emotional selves and take charge over their lives through intentional thinking. Please let me know your thoughts about this video in your comments on this blog post!