How do you get what you want and reach your goals?


First: Match your overarching values to your long-term goals. As you’ll see, the workshop helped participants reflect on their personal understanding of an ideal life, connect this ideal to their different life areas, and then link these areas to their vision of how they want to live their values and be the people they want to be.


Second: Figure out what are the best strategies to help you connect these long-term goals to more specific projects. The workshop helped attendees work backward from their broad vision of an ideal life and figured out the best paths to lead them there. Participants reflected on their current strengths, baggage, opportunities, and threats, and developed more specific and measurable goals for the next several months.


Third: Connect these projects to the actions that you take in your everyday life and consider how you can best assess and improve your goal achievement. The workshop provides a wide range of strategies in a diversity of areas for doing so. They include organization and time management; quantification, evaluation, and assessment; managing emotions relating to goals, emphasizing patience, positive reinforcement, flexibility, and forgiveness; changing unproductive ways of thinking and attitudes; letting go of unhelpful habits, and developing functional habits; finally, social and community support, especially from other people dedicated to science-based self-improvement.


So watch out the video above, and stop the video and do the exercises described. If you find the video helpful, but want more, check out the following blog posts on gaining personal agency, managing emotions when making decisions, figuring out your long-term goals, and evaluating reality accurately. Let me know your thoughts about the video and workshop, and how it can be improved to help you have a better experience.


Please share it with others whom you think would benefit from improving their ability to refine and achieve their goals and get what they want!