Gleb Tsipursky

Co-Founder, President. Gleb is passionate about two things: helping people think more clearly and advancing global flourishing. These passions combined into one when he and his wife, Agnes Vishnevkin, co-founded Intentional Insights in the Winter of 2014.
Autopilot vs. Intentional System

Autopilot vs. Intentional System: The Rider and the Elephant

Let’s start with why it matters. If we know about how our minds work, we can be intentional about influencing our own thinking and...

How Do You Live Happily Ever After When There’s A Love Triangle?

How do you live happily ever after when there’s a love triangle? Mary, an electrician, and Bob, an administrative assistant, are happily married, and have...

Living Intentionally: 3 Steps to Gaining Agency

Are you getting all you want? Are you achieving all of your goals? Are you living a fully intentional life?   If you are, I salute...

What is the Meaning of Life for You?

  Article republished in The Huffington Post. “What is the meaning of life?” I struggled with this question throughout my teenage years and young adulthood. My parents...