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Hybrid Employee

Why Should a Hybrid Employee Come to the Office?

Minimize hybrid employee time commuting by asking them to come in only for high-value face-to-face activities, such as intense collaboration, challenging conversations, cultivating belonging, and building weak connections.
Understanding Cognitive Biases

Debiasing the Law: How Understanding Cognitive Biases Leads to a More Just Legal System

Addressing cognitive biases in the legal system is crucial for ensuring fairness, justice, and integrity in legal processes and decision-making.
Hybrid Meetings

Mastering the Art of Hybrid Meetings

Hybrid meetings can succeed with proper AV technology, a separate facilitator for remote attendees, and norms of behavior for in-person participants to engage with remote attendees, all of which requires effective training and feedback
Work From Home Office

Should You Invest in the Work From Home Office of Employees?

Companies that fail to invest in the work from home office of their hybrid employees will lose out on productivity, wellbeing, retention, collaboration, and communication, all of which will reflect poorly on their bottom lines.
Automation in Hybrid Work Environments

Winning Customer Service Through AI and Automation in Hybrid Work Environments

Embrace automation and AI for exceptional customer service in hybrid work environments. Boost productivity, tailor experiences, and stay ahead in a changing landscape.
Redefining Leadership for the Hybrid Work Era: The Neuroscience of Connection and Performance

Redefining Leadership for the Hybrid Work Era: The Neuroscience of Connection and Performance

In the hybrid work era, leaders must prioritize human connections, embrace empathy, and leverage neuroscience to redefine leadership for better performance and inclusive environments.
The Workplace Revolution

The Workplace Revolution: Top Experts Discuss Hybrid and Remote Work

Experts agree that hybrid and remote work offer benefits like flexibility and work-life balance, but challenges include management change and social interaction. The future of work is predicted to be remote-centric.
Hybrid and Remote Work

Why Wellbeing is Critical for Hybrid and Remote Work

Investing in employee wellbeing leads to productivity, engagement, and reduced turnover in hybrid and remote work
Remote Work Productivity

New Study Uncovers the Secrets of Remote Work Productivity

Remote workers are 9% more productive than office workers and willing to accept lower wages for the flexibility. To ensure remote work productivity, businesses should provide the necessary tools, training, and communication channels
Blindness to Hybrid Work

How Bosses’ Blindness to Hybrid Work Disruptions Threatens Companies

Bosses resisting hybrid work due to biases like confirmation and status quo. Educating them on benefits can help remain competitive in changing job market