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intentional insights

How I Escaped The Darkness of Mental Illness

  Hot tears were streaming down my face. My chest heaved up and down with heavy sobs. I couldn’t stop them, no matter what I...
Dr. Hal Arkes

Video: 4 Strategies to Protect Yourself From Thinking Errors

Dr. Hal Arkes     Our minds are wired to make irrational decisions and commit a wide variety of thinking errors, called cognitive biases by scholars. Yet...
rational thinking

Religious and Rational?

“Wisdom shouts in the street; in the public square she raises her voice.”   Proverbs 1:20 Common English Bible   The Biblical book of Proverbs is full of...
effective giving

How To Advance Rational Thinking In Your Community

Why don’t they teach this in high school?!? Or even college, for that matter. That’s the reaction that my wife and I had after...
rational thinking

Inspire the New You in the New Year: Getting Change to Stick!

“We love these workshops. They’re so meaningful, and every time we leave the session all fired up and committed to teamwork. But a month...
8 Secrets of Savvy Donors

8 Secrets of Savvy Donors

You're generous and kind. You care about other people and want to help them have great lives. You want to make a positive impact...