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Member Retention

How Associations Can Improve New Member Retention

To improve new member retention, associations need to avoid dangerous judgment errors. An example is the overconfidence bias, which causes association leaders to be excessively confident about what new members want.
Cartoon Of ostrich sticking head in the sand

Political Pre-Commitment Without Evidence: How Worldview Undermines Reason

By Joel Lehman _____________________ “And so castles made of sand, fall in the sea, eventually.” -Jimi Hendrix Can you recall a romantic relationship gone wrong, and notice in...
Young Child Driving A Toy

Are Friends the Enemies of Wise Choices?

  The Hidden Factors Influencing Our Most Important Decisions   By Charles Cassidy MPhys, Director of Evidence-based Wisdom   I recently decided to buy a petrol-guzzling car. But was...
Female Animation Whispering to An Elephant

Guide For Talking To Irrational People: Whispering To The Elephant

Many struggle in dealing with people who have become attached to political viewpoints that are irrational — based on poor logic or on “alternative...