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Cope With Depression

How to Cope With Depression in the Post-Pandemic Recovery

To cope with depression in the post-pandemic recovery, find new ways of fulfilling your needs for exploration, love, and meaning and purpose.

Video: Journal Your Way To Meaning and Purpose

Scientific evidence revealed that such self-reflection contributes greatly to develop that personal sense of meaning and purpose. For instance, one study used functional magnetic...

Video: Science and Religion on Meaning and Purpose

_______________ This videotaped discussion between a United Methodist Minister, Caleb Pitkin, and a professor and scholar of meaning and purpose, Gleb Tsipursky, uncovers both differences...

Find Your Life Purpose and Meaning By Journaling

  Alcira tried it all. None of it worked to help her figure out her life purpose and lead a meaningful life. She went to shamanistic...

A Reason-Oriented Perspective on Meanings and Values

How can you collaborate with others to reflect on meanings and values from a reason-oriented perspective?We’re sitting around a table in our home with...

Online Video Course: Finding Meaning and Purpose in the Workplace Using Science

This video-based one-hour course will first evaluate the current sense of meaning and purpose among participants using a science-based questionnaire developed by Dr. Gleb...

The Smart Way to Work With Purpose

  Jerome is desperate. He drags himself to his office job every day, the one he’s had for 4 years now. He clocks in at...

The Secret to Finding Meaningful Work: It’s All About You!

“Pursue your passion.” That’s the way to find meaning in your work, right? Well, “pursue your passion” is the typical phrase thrown around when...

Meaning and Purpose: Quantified and Customized!

Oh, Jackie certainly sought to gain a sense of meaning and purpose, many times. Her family, friends, and church members kept trying to convince...
Meaning and Purpose in Life

What Do Politics Have to Do with Meaning and Purpose in Life?

You pass through the long security line at the United States Capitol building inWashington, DC. While the line of tourists streams forward into the...