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Normalcy Bias

The Perils Of Assuming Everything Is Fine: Normalcy Bias And The Rushed Approval Of...

Despite opposition from families of crash victims, pilots' union, and a key congressman, Congress cleared the Boeing 737Max 10 jet for certification without added safety measures. The cause of the crash was a cognitive error known as normalcy bias.

FTX Fiasco Caused by SBF’s Double-or-Nothing Philosophy

For investors, the collapse of FTX is a reminder to be wary of founders like SBF with an excessive risk appetite. For entrepreneurs, it is a lesson to implement oversight and risk management plans to avoid the fate of SBF and FTX.
Hybrid Diversity

Remote and Hybrid Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

To achieve the promise of remote and hybrid diversity, equity, and inclusion, leaders need to address microaggressions in communication and the lack of sponsorship for minorities through training and mentoring programs
Work From Home Productivity

The Truth About Work From Home Productivity

Work from home productivity is higher than in the office, especially on individual tasks. Since most employees prefer hybrid or remote work, a policy of flexibility helps companies maximize both retention and productivity.
Return to Office

Elon Musk’s Forced Return to Office Policy Will Harm Tesla

Musk’s authoritarian stance on hybrid and remote work undermines Tesla’s future as employees want autonomy and flexibility. Companies embracing new work models will succeed, while traditionalists will be left floundering
Mentoring for Effective

Mentoring for Effective Integration of Junior Employees (Video & Podcast)

Remote mentoring is a best practice that offers a solution to one of the biggest challenges for hybrid and remote work: on-the-job training and integration of recently-hired staff. That's the key take-away message of this episode of the Wise Decision Maker Show, which describes mentoring for effective integration of junior employees in hybrid and remote teams.
Fully Remote

Employees Wanting Work to Be Fully Remote Will Win This Fall

Despite many traditionalist executives pushing for a return to the office, remote work will win this fall as the threat of new contagious COVID variants looms large. Companies that adopt a hybrid-first, team-led model will seize a competitive advantage
How to Future-Proof

How to Future-Proof Your Leadership (Video & Podcast)

Future-proofing allows organizations to plan countermeasures and allocate resources for possible problems ahead of time, helping leaders avoid cognitive biases. That's the key take-away message of this episode of the Wise Decision Maker Show, which describes how to future-proof your leadership.
the CHO

Say Hello to the CHO (Video & Podcast)

The pandemic has taken a toll on employees’ mental and physical health, so many organizations have started hiring a Chief Health Officer to oversee the prioritization of health in all policies. That's the key take-away message of this episode of the Wise Decision Maker Show, which describes the new role of a CHO.
Innovation Advantage

Serendipitous Innovation Advantage for Hybrid and Remote Teams

Clearly, work will never go back to a pre-pandemic normal. Leaders who don’t seize an innovative advantage risk lagging behind. Methodologies like Virtual Serendipitous Idea Generation grant a much-needed competitive advantage.