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How to Talk to a Science Denier without Arguing

Caption: man and woman in a conflict (Gratisography/Pexels) It’s the holiday season, which means plenty of opportunities for uncomfortable interactions with friends and family who...
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Your Feelings Are Not Your Fault (Mostly)

  We all take responsibility for our actions; we feel guilty when we’re bad, and fulfillment when we’re good. Do you do the same for...
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How Can You Be Safer From Terrorism?

How do we make America safer from suffering the same kind of terrible terrorist attacks committed by ISIS in Brussels? Donald Trump proposed closing...
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Is Kevin McCarthy the Smartest Man in Washington?

Can you imagine pulling out of the most prestigious promotion opportunity of your career, to be at the very top of your organization, to...
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Are We Wired for Trump?

Donald Trump will be the Republican presidential nominee. At least, so it appears from all the media attention paid to his candidacy. A recent...